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The largest selection of kitchens

Buying a new kitchen is delaying many of us because the replacement of a new kitchen with an old one brings not only big investments but is often associated with other treatments.  But you don't have to worry about us.  Don't waste your time walking around the subway stores in your pocket.  It is useless to make compromises and choose a cheap line that you will not like.  We spend a lot of time in the kitchen.  You deserve a kitchen to your liking and we guarantee that together with you we will find a solution with which you will be satisfied and at the same time really save.  Visit our website and see for yourself.  All you have to do is contact us via the online form for a non-binding inquiry and tell us your wishes.  We will immediately propose a solution for you and then you will only be able to choose according to your taste.  Our experts have a wealth of experience and are able to meet even the most special wishes.  Many of the orders that have already been implemented show an ever-increasing interest in our services.

Welcome to the world of cheap kitchen units

Your dream is a rustic kitchen or have you seen a modern line with the famous ones you would like to have at home.  Believe that a quality kitchen unit doesn't have to ruin your family budget.  While your new kitchen is an investment we will show you and advise you how to save a lot of money.  Do you like any kitchen in our photo gallery of already completed orders?  It will be your choice if you prefer a modern sector kitchen unit or corner.

It certainly depends on the size of each kitchen.  Our top company is in great demand because it does not promise unbeatable prices – it really guarantees them.  We also guarantee complete customer service and we will deal with your and your non-binding demand immediately.  You will soon receive a list of ten of the most reliable companies in your area.  Choose a top company to make your new kitchen unit.

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Not only sports can be enjoyed at our cottages and chalets

which are popular and therefore frequently visited are occupied for several months in advance.  Therefore it is good to choose correctly and on time.

Cottages and cottages can be visited or inhabited in the presence of your pets.  Many companies that can rent and rent cottages can do this.  Or thanks to pets they are more sought-after than those that do not allow pets to go on holiday.


Some events need to be celebrated properly.  But sometimes there is no room for it.  Especially when it is necessary to keep the peace of the night a quiet and abandoned place must be chosen.  For example cottages.  Or other celebrations designated.

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Home and office doors

If you are looking for a suitable gift for a loved one why not just for us.  We will bring you home quality and we will not particularly burden your wallet and your home budget.  Bet on experts in this field and shop with us.  It's definitely worth it.
Choose the interior doors and other furniture pieces in your home but of course also in the office space and also for the cottage the cottage or anywhere else.  Our interior doors will serve you very long after purchase and subsequent installation.  You have to have them otherwise it can't.
Shopping with us is definitely worth it
That's the way to buy from us it is always a guarantee that you will not only save hard earned money but also enjoy a long-lasting interior door.

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Your new floor will be worth it

Do you solve the issue of coverings?  You still can't decide whether to choose a linoleum a floating floor or bet on a classic that is wood?  If you like the natural look and the traditional smell of your home choose just the wooden floorboards that have absolutely great features.
Easy maintenance and natural look
The greatest benefits of floorboards are definitely their beautiful natural look.  Wood in interiors is increasingly in demand.  You will also appreciate the easy maintenance which consists only in regular mopping.
Affordable price for everyone
Many people think that wooden decking is only affordable to richer households.  But this is not true today floorboards can be found for very pleasant and lucrative prices available to everyone.

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Very friendly staff

Damitex offers you unique and that are really from a Czech not a Chinese manufacturer.  From Letovice we are creating for you real domestic quality at great prices that compete but quality that is completely unrivaled.  Just want the best for yourself want Damitex.
Modern and cozy living where decorative fabrics from colourfast materials and mainly from Czech manufacturer will be used.  This is the Damitex brand a true quality manufacturer at great prices.  If you buy decorative fabrics Damitex is a clear choice.
Our company is one of the last Czech textile producers.  We care about quality products that are so different from mass production from Asia.  If you are interested in quality decorative fabrics prefer us prices are comparable quality no longer.

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Do you have a creative spirit? Do you have an aesthetic feeling? Do you have a sense of color? If you have it, go to furnish your apartment with us! From us it is a lot of elements and easy to combine. For all your rooms we have more than enough elements! And if you don't feel comfortable with the furnishing, our ideas can inspire you. The furniture and line series we have prepared for you have basically arranged all the rooms for you! will not disappoint any of you from us!

We offer quality, variability, functionality, color and playfulness. This is our Sector Furniture, that is your chance to arrange any room. You can play and combine, or get inspired by us. From us, there are cabinets, shelves, chests of drawers, tables and tables. From us, all rooms are imaginatively furnished!
Want to combine? So try ours!

Want to combine? Or let yourself be inspired. For all our customers there is our variable furniture! To bedrooms, living rooms, children's rooms, hallways and workrooms. It can be everywhere. Choose from us, you will definitely like it!

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Mountain accommodation

This year you decided not to spend your dream vacation at the seaside or somewhere abroad but at home in the Czech Republic?  You are doing well you can also find the beauty of nature from which you will keep your breath away.  Are you thinking and looking for some?

If you decided to stay in the Mountain you are doing just fine.  The mountains are very extensive and there are many beautiful natural places and monuments.  For example the Schwarzenberg Canal the Boubín Forest but also the beautiful deep forests and glacial lakes.  Come and relax in Šumava.  We will offer you quality and nice accommodation Mountain.  You only need to choose the accommodation that you will like the most and will suit you the most.
It's worth it

Accommodation Mountains offers many possibilities for spending your free time.  Come here and enjoy it here.

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Thanks to our website now sofas online

The old one is now gone. She's wrong on her and sleeping is almost unexpected. She also served you long and faithfully. So it seems that the time for exchange has come. It's easy to say, worse. The offer is big but you don't have it right now. So you are still waiting for sleep-sleeping? There is always a viable solution! Our will be a good solution!

Our offer is so varied that you will certainly find cheaper variants. Or just borrow. Sofa is not a car, so no big debts. The sofa is not only a piece of home furnishings for you, but also for sleeping. This requires a quick solution. New is not a luxury for you, but a necessary part of living. So let's pick up the acceleration!

Buy me in action!

The sofa can be of different designs and prices. Everyone chooses according to the space, taste but also according to the condition of the wallet. Sometimes even a little waiting pays off. When there is something in action, it's easy to pay! You have already waited enough, there is certainly a cost-effective waiting for you. For comfort and pleasure! And joy we do!

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Dovybavte si s námi jakékoliv bydlení

We can recommend you a variety of furniture, especially those we have in the best quality. Our doors and other kinds of furniture are for you. Get any living with us, or even your newly purchased cottage.

If you have offices where your old doors are already in service, choose a nice piece for us and the interior doors for your workspace will be in the world. You are not wrong when you enjoy your visit, we will take care of everything about furniture for your home and not just there.
We just don't promise

We are a company that only promises, but also immediately fulfills everything you want. Stay in touch with us and create a modern home that envies both your visitors and your neighbors. These are our interior doors.

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Your guests will appreciate the quality of our awnings

If you build or reconstruct and cling to details then we have an interesting offer for you.  We offer you interesting shading technology – blinds blinds.

Awnings are one way of shading both the exterior and interior.  There are 2 basic types of awnings – fixed and movable.  The movable then distinguishes by drive to manually or electrically operated.  At our company you can find representation of all types.
Awnings – Financing

Since our company does not only offer you awnings but also plastic windows and doors blinds blinds and garage doors you can combine more orders into one larger one.  We also offer you the possibility of financing using the services of Česká spořitelna so you do not have to worry about a high financial investment that would put your family budget at one time.

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