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We offer information service

Delight your musically gifted ears and release them, which is the right radio for anyone who has a musical hearing and at least a little confident in music. We play various hits from Czech and foreign artists. Do not be afraid of anything and tune as soon as possible.

Do you like to listen to the radio while you are working or when you are in peace and quiet? And are you still not one of the lucky ones who listen regularly? Then tune in Impuls quickly and let yourself be carried away with nice and slick music and the latest hits, which are many. All this is Impuls radio.
We're fun

You can only have fun with us. Great moderators and announcers will make you laugh or dance. Our approach to listeners is always only positive. Radio impulse will interest you.

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Čvc 27

Cook in a nice environment

they can be as complete assemblies or they can be purchased at will.  I care about whatever he likes and what he chooses for his apartment.

Kitchen cabinets are made more or less of wood.  Not only is it a quality material it performs well in this case.  Furthermore the wood looks very good.  And since kitchen cabinets should look good this material is often chosen as the main material.  But some elements are made of metal.  For example handles handles and the like.

Most used material

There are lots of materials that are popular and that are often used.  These include wood in the first place.  And plastics.  Another glass.  Kitchen cabinets are most often made of wood.  Already because wood is not only popular it also has a pleasant and warm look.

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Čvc 23

Interesting modern great!

Whoever is only pricing when replacing windows can easily be re-invested in windows in a short while.  Ours are not the cheapest on the market but they are surely high quality.  However see for yourself and you will certainly be right.

Certainly we can offer you an extensive and rich selection of standardized sizes where most of our customers find the plastic windows of their parameters but if you need an individual dimension it is no problem to make such plastic windows for you.
Safety and health

Our plastic windows are clearly healthy because we use safe and of course non-toxic materials to produce the profiles so don't worry about your health.

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Čvc 21

Sales Companies

is currently a novelty in the field of Czech business.  We will prepare companies exactly according to your needs and requirements.

Defend the worry the life of the trot and the loss of money and illusion.  Contact the market to sell businesses.  Take advantage of your skills and time to do something better and leave the necessary steps to start a new business to experienced professionals with long experience.  Show off your completely realized company according to your wishes.  Limited company joint stock company European company – nothing is a problem.  The necessary documents will be provided by the sale of companies instead.  Allow yourself a bit of comfort all at a reasonable price.  An excellent way to save time money and inexperience issues.
Completely prepared company

Sales of companies provide a way to cleverly enter the business pond.  The demonstration that everything works is warm thanks to existing clients.

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Čvc 07

Ready – made s.r.o

Ready – made s.r.o

companies are established as subsidiaries for sale to the client.  It's a very simple way to start a business because you already have everything ready.  All you have to do is edit the details transfer the owner register the company in the Commercial Register and start immediately!
Ready – made s.r.o

These companies have an ID number and the companies that set up them can guarantee that your Ready – made s.r.o company has no obligations never has any activity etc. Ready – made s.r.o company will ensure you a fast and smooth start of your business.  You can be confident that everything will take place within a few days!

What other types of companies can we choose?

Outside of a limited liability company joint stock companies are often set up which are of course a bit more expensive but of course ready to start a business.  Furthermore they are European companies that have the advantage of being able to change their headquarters throughout the European Union.

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Čvc 01

Sales Companies

Do you think complete nonsense?  Then we will gladly take you out of error.

Business sales in developed economies are standard without any problems.  The company is considered to be like any other.  Our company respects the principles of fair trade.  We always try to meet our clients and explain to them all the positives and negatives.  In addition to the already established companies we also offer you help with setting up your own companies on a turnkey basis.
Company sales – commitments

If you are reluctant to purchase an already established company then you do not have to worry about any potential liabilities of such a company to the social security authorities or the tax office.  Ready-made companies have never developed any activity so they have neither claims nor liabilities.  Business sales are therefore very safe from a financial and legal point of view.

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Čvn 29

Solve the problem smartly cheaply and immediately

Where to get the help you need the perfect service and the service itself when you need help cleaning the rooms and rooms both in your home and in the cottage in the cottage in the office in the office and anywhere else?
We will be happy to help you and we will solve the cleaning!
The ideal solution for any location
So if there is a need to solve the cleaning problems and you do not have the resources and the time itself then our help is the right one!  Only modern carpet cleaning in Prague will solve the problems and cleaning itself immediately easily cheaply and in the highest quality.  So you can help at any place and have everything as you need it.
Enjoy the prices
Do not worry that it is not enough to clean up on time and that it will cost you a lot of money!  With us throw this behind us or with us you have all the service and assistance given quickly and at the lowest prices.

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Čvn 28

Trampoline, trampolines

A trampoline if it is safe and quality will give you plenty of joy while jumping on this trampoline without injury. In our e-shop we offer only quality. In addition, we offer trampolines at unbeatably low prices. Visit us and choose a trampoline for your family.

We have been selling trampolines for 16 years and we are direct importers of these quality green trampolines. Our outdoor outdoor trampolines have safety and quality certifications. In addition, we provide an extended warranty for the construction of the trampoline for 5 years.
Garden Trampoline?

If you decide to buy your children a trampoline in the garden, then you will surely choose our e-shop. With the choice of trampoline we will advise you, bring the trampoline in person and show it. Furthermore, we provide professional trampoline service.

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Čvn 22

Vinyl flooring

Need a new floor because the old one already shows signs of damage or excessive wear?  We look forward to using our services and buying ours.  They are tailor-made for everyone and you can also choose your color and style.

Don't be embarrassed by your acquaintances who already own vinyl flooring and get it.  Today the vinyl flooring is really on the agenda and the customers are queues.  However you can afford us the luxury of choosing these floors in an online store and then ordering them.  In case of dissatisfaction the goods can be returned.

Vinyl flooring is absolutely healthy everything is verified by scientific methods.  We monitor the quality of these floors and always choose the best quality.

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Čvn 19

For super advertising

Are you looking for something in vain?  Or on the contrary have long been any goods any product you are trying to sell?  Are you desperate for continuous writing of ads and still no one is calling you?  Have you tried to submit free ads to us?
Really try placing free ads to us.  We are sure that thanks to the high traffic and popularity of our site you will surely find your buyer or seller.  Our advertisements website is very well-arranged it is very easy to navigate by category and quickly get to the ads that interest you.

The security of good business
With our advertising website you are guaranteed the security of good business.  Our attendance our acquaintance and popularity among people is well known to everyone even you have already heard about us.  Give your free ads to us and you will surely be very satisfied.

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